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I would like to present you on this page some of my favourite authors, because like much of people, I like to read.    This does not mean that I do not read others, there is for example the German writer Konsalik, the Dutch writer Jan Wolters.    I am also a great fan of Maarten Toonder, with his "Tom Poes" and "Olivier B Bommel", and not to forget the series like "Asterix and Oublix", and "Gaston Lagaffe".

Michel de Decker.

Site of Michel de Decker

Michel de Decker, historian writer is located in the tread of his friend André Castelot and that of Alain Decaux, with whom he took part on many Platforms of the History (France-Inter).    Author of a score of titles (published at Perrin, Belfond, Pygmalion, Lafon etc) he is also a producer of TV emissions (FR3 Normandy) historical chronicler on France Blue and a extremely appreciated lecturer (storyteller).    As well on ground as on sea (Large conferences of Figaro, of Vichy, Biarritz etc), he animates also the afternoon of various universities of on spare times and sows the fine words of the history near many croisierists (on board of France-Norway, World Renaissance, Mistral etc).    Honorary president of the Company of the Authors of Normandy he organizes many Book meetings (Salons du livre) and takes part in all great literary demonstrations of France and Navarre.    He is also the author of some spectacles and musicals.

MICHEL OF DECKER, "the magician of the history" by Andre CASTELOT

I remember my first meeting with Michel de Decker. It was in 1972, exactly January 23. I remember it better as much that it was my birthday.    However, on January 23 was also the birthday of my visitor.    Not likewise, of course! since I was born in 1911 (what today does not go back to yesterday) and he in 1948 !    However in spite of these a few years of variation what divided one and the other, same passion, that revives and likes the past by all possible means of expression, that it is the book, the conferences, the Radio or the Television, without forgetting the joy which can emanate from the sound and lite shwos.    We had the same taste of the new document retrieval and the meetings with witnesses of the History.

Gilbert Bordes.

Site of Gilbert Bordes

Gilbert Bordes was born 1948 close to Tulle, in Low Correze.    He finds his way after tormented studies and trades of chance, in journalism.    Novelist, Gilles Bordes is the author of: "Beauchabrol", "Barbe d'Or", "L'Angélus de minuit", "Le Roi et son Moulin", La Nuit des Hulottes" (Pris R.T.L. General public 1992), "Les Chasseurs de Papillons" (Price Charles-Exbrayat 1993), and lately: "La Montagne Brisée", and "Le Dernier Orage". It also published a collection of novels, "Le Chat derrière la vitre". His village chronicle, "Le porteur de destins", which received the Price of the Houses of press 1992 in the category "Documents".

Bernard Werber.

Site of Bernard Werber

Bernard Werber is a French writer (born on September 18, 1961), known in particular for his trilogy of the Ants, the Cycle of Thanatonautes, the Trilogy of the cycle of the gods and his many other novels.    Its work made meet mythology, spirituality, science fiction, biology, futurology, logic, as with scientific data etc    Its style of writing mixes various kinds, in particular the saga of adventure, the science fiction of the inter-war period and the philosophical tale.

In the majority of his novels, Bernard Werber uses the same form of construction, alternating informative articles of encyclopaedia and two narrative threads.    The articles specify or widen the intrigues, these two last recutting itself episodically.

Moreover, its novels and its news intersect.    One finds thus characters like Edmond Wells at the same time in the Empire of the angels and the trilogy of the Ants, but also of the recurring topics, like "The Tree of Possibilities" of Isidore, or the novel Us them gods, taking again elements of the news the School of the young gods.

George Simenon.

Site of George Simenon.

George Joseph Christian Simenon is a Belgian writer of French language, and creator of the character of Police chief "Jules Maigret". He was born in Liege, officially, on February 13, 1903.    His life starts with a mystery, he would have been born on Friday February 13, but declares the 12 per superstition, and dies in Lausanne on September 4, 1989.

Simenon was a novelist of an exceptional fruitfulness: we owe him 192 autobiographical novels, 158 novels, several works and of many articles and reports published under his own name and 176 novels, of tens of gallant news, tales and articles published under 27 pseudonyms.    Cumulated pullings of its books reach 550 million specimens.    George Simenon is, according to the Statistical Directory of UNESCO of 1989, the eighteenth author all nationalities confused, the fourth author of French language, and the most translated Belgian author in the world.

Andre Gide, Andre Thérive and Robert Brasillach were the first to recognize it like a great writer.    André Gide said of him: "Simenon is a genius novelist and the most really novelist who we have in our today literature", whereas the philosopher Herman de Keyserling declared "He is a genius imbecile".    He was selected like one of the Hundred Walloons of the century, by the Institute Jules Destrée, in 1995.

Maurice Leblanc.

Site of Maurice Leblanc.

Maurice Leblanc, writer, born on November 11, 1864 in Rouen (France), who died on November 6, 1941, in Perpignan, is author of detective novels and adventures, creator of the famous character of Arsene Lupin, the gentleman-burglar.

We can visit the house of Maurice Leblanc, in Étretat, in Seine-Maritime.    The needle of Étretat is used besides in the novel The hollow Needle with Arsène Lupin.    The father of Maurice Leblanc was a ship-owner.    Orphan of mother, he was put at the world by the surgeon Achille Flaubert, brother of Gustave.    He refuses the career which his father intends to him in a factory of carding brushes and "Goes up to Paris" to write.    He is initially a journalist, then novelist and storyteller (Des couples, Une femme, Voici des ailes).    He awakens the interest of Jules Renard and Alphonse Daudet, without public success.    In 1901, he publishes Enthusiasm, autobiographical novel.    He attends the great names of literature in Paris: Stephan Mallarmé or Alphonse Allais.    It was in 1905 that Pierre Laffitte, director of monthly magazine "Je sais tout" (I know all), orders a novel to him: "L'Arrestation d'Arsène Lupin" (The Arrest of Arsene Lupin) - name borrowed from the city council man of Paris Arsene Lopin.    Two years later, Arsène Lupin is published in book.    The book "Arsene Lupin against Herlock Sholmes", dissatisfied Conan Doyle, furious to see its detective Sherlock Holmes ridiculed.    Maurice Leblanc took as a starting point the the anarchist Marius Jacob, who made 150 burglings which were worth 23 years of bagne to him.

Agatha Christie.

Site of Agatha Christie.

Agatha Christie, born Agatha Mary Clarissa Miller (September 15, 1890 to January 12, 1976), then, after her two marriages, Agatha Christie and Lady Agatha Mallowan, also known under the name of Lady Agatha Christie, was a British writer, author of many detective novels.    She is known for her heroes Hercules Poirot and Miss Marple, two detectives, one professional, the other amateur, appearing in several of her stories, without forgetting Tommy and Tuppence Beresford.    She wrote also several novels under the pseudonym of Mary Westmacott.

Agatha Christie is one of the most known writers in the world, in the direction where the number of the translations is raised, more than one hundred of languages, and pullings were of importance to say probably more than 100 million specimens.    Although this type of estimate is not easy, some regard Agatha Christie as the second most read author history of humanity, behind William Shakespeare, in any case among Anglo-Saxons.

Agatha Christie published more than 80 novels, collections of news and plays.    A great part of them proceeds in camera, which makes it possible to the reader to try to guess the culprit before the end of the story.    Agatha Christie is an important author in the sector of the detective novels, whether it is from a commercial point of view or innovation.    Indeed, even if she did not hesitate to deviate from the usual ways, she tried to give to the reader the maximum of information so that he can solve the enigma.    One of its first novels, "The Murder of Roger Ackroyd", is known for its surprising outcome.

Martha Grimes.

Site of Martha Grimes.

Martha Grimes (born in 1931) is an American novelist, famous for his detective novels putting in scene the police chief Richard Jury of Scotland Yard.    Born on May 2, 1931 in Pittsburg, Martha Grimes obtained her diploma for the occupation of Doctor in letters at the university of Maryland.    She then followed lessons on the university of Iowa (Iowa), on the university of Frostburg (Maryland) and in Montgomery College (Maryland).    She taught English before her novels had success and allowed her to live of her writing.

Martha Grimes is known for his detective novels putting in scene the police chief Richard Jury (born in 1940), police chief of Scotland Yard and his friend Melrose Plant a British aristocrat who gave up his titles.    The principal places of the novels are the United States of America as well as England, and in particular (Scotland Yard, obliges) London.

In 1983, her novel the The Anodyne Necklace gained the price of the Man to the Nero Wolfe Award rewarding the best detective novel decreed by the admirors for the series the man with the orchis.

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