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  • Arrived at home, in Courcelles Sur Seine.

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  • Gaillon, impressions.

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These pages are not a presentation of Normandy itself, but constitute an outline of the area where I established since 1995, when I had bought an old house in the village of Courcelles Sur Seine.    To have some more details on Normandy, follow the link to; Normandy-Web, the Internet site of Normandy.

Arrived at home, in Courcelles Sur Seine.

Courcelles, was the second place which we had visited at the time of the presentation of the houses available in the area.    It was this house which I had finally chosen, then in spite of the fact that it was in fact a little apart from the budget envisaged.    The house is visible on the photograph, in the middle of the road, which goes from the medium of in bottom until the medium of the photograph on the left.    It is an old house, on two levels, with a ground of 400 square meters.

But before I could enter, it was nevertheless necessary to do a little bit of painting, and cleaning.    I had then to rent a van for the move, and to seek my pieces of furniture at a guard place of furniture in the area of Ris-Orangis.    I had then in insane time to discharge, because 20 cubic meters of pieces of furniture and thingummies all kinds, that weighs.    Aside the fact that it was necessary to return the van to the renting company before the evening, in order not to have to pay a second day.

It is during the weekend which followed, that I had succeeded in to install the minimum, then I took leave of the Granger family, which was sorry to see me leaving, to leave definitively in direction Courcelles Sur Seine, in Normandy, not far from Vernon, just beside Gaillon.

Once arrived, it was necessary, of course, to unpack all the objects, to empty the paperboards, to go up to furnish them, which was the practical side as of the these pieces of furniture coming from this Swedish firm of dis-mountable furniture.    I even recovered a cupboard belonging formerly to my grand grandmother, but this was less obvious mount up, it took us, my brother-in-law, my father and me, to be at least three to do it.

At home.

My house, in which I currently live, is of an relative old construction, to which a room and a bathroom was added.    The inconvenience of such a construction is that they did not build formerly on underfloor space, which increases the water content considerably.    The advantage however is especially felt during the summer, as it is necessary very hot.    Because with the floor directly in contact with the ground, and walls with a one meter thickness, the heat spends almost a month to penetrate.    And the only air-conditioning which one needs is ventilation during the night, when the weather is fresh.    The winter on the other hand, one should not especially seek the saving on heating during the night, because to catch up with the lack of heating of the night largely cancels the made economy.    Especially with tariffing Day/Night of EDF, that costs even more!

The two preceding inhabitants, a couple, then before them, an old lady in the name of Marguerite, had maintained the garden perfectly.    But me I y do not know large thing, I can make the difference between tulips and nettles, but very stops well there.

Gaillon, impressions.

The town of Gaillon is located, coupled at the town of Aubevoye, on the other side of the Seine river, at a distance of three kilometers approximately of Courcelles Sur Seine, with which they belong to the community of communes "the Eure-Madrie-Seine".    The symbol headlight of Gaillon is of course its castle, which is already in court of restoration for a certain time.    The center town, also, has a certain seal to him, but we see lately profiling, in a worrying way, temples of the money, leaving lesser place for small trade.

The area


The area, or rather mine, i.e. the zone which is between the Gaillon city and Andelys, contains a natural zone, which is the result of the excavation of sands of the Seine.    These excavations, gave birth to from the lakes, and the wild meadows, where the excavations had been filled.    This lakes and meadows created attract to many animals and birds.    There are many migratory birds which make a pause here, before taking again the road.    The lakes, them, also attract another particular species, this species comes in general cars, and carries fishing tackles and picnic with him.

Another aspect of the area which will especially not have to be forgotten, is the castle, formerly built by Richard Heart-of-Lion, Château Gaillard.    Château Gaillard, whose remaining ruins form a tourist attraction today, formed formerly with a stopping in the Seine, a military post of defense of the territory of Richard Heart-of-Lion, who was also duke of Normandy.

Another strong symbol of the area is the village of Giverny, where the formerly celebrate painter Claude Monnet lived.    The house where he formerly lived, and its famous garden, is today a museum, which can be visited during the summer season. (Attention!! Closed Monday!!)

The area has also many routes for the amateurs of hiking, whether it is by foot or bicycle.    Even the amateurs of horses are find their account, there is a center of equestrian, then even here in Courcelles Sur Seine, we can rent a horse or a pony to go for a ride in forest.

  Some important events of 1995 up to now (June-2007).

  • The eclipse of the century.

  • Opening of the borders in European Union.

  • The attack of the WTC, Manhattan.

  • The abandonment of the local currency in favor of the Euro.

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